Ayina Think Tank provides exquisite tools and methodology gleaned from the best contemporary thinkers acting on concrete subjects that impact our world. We are a research and training center for teenagers, families, corporations and organizations. We believe in the power of human knowledge and through the spirit of collaboration to enhance our common creative intelligence. Our model is an agora, a place where people from all walks of life can come together to explore fresh understanding and practical solutions to some of the most intractable problems facing our society. Ayina Think Tank Foundation

Our Curriculum

Our programs are focused on children as base of reference for the teachings. If we want to enable our descendants to handle the challenges our community is facing, we need to start cultivating their abilities as early as possible. Our first school years are critical periods that form our skills and abilities as adults.

The Children of Today are the Grown-ups of Tomorrow.

First of all, Ayina Think Tank is a social enterprise focusing on early childhood development (#ECD)‎ and peace building for the wisdom age, symbolizing humility by both fractional triangle and circle in one, as a logo. We teach character and personality ethics to children and teenagers during their holidays ‎by educating their hearts and spirits for a better world.

Perhaps we cover topics as the following with them:
1- Career guidance
* Discovering one's dream
* Discovering one's passion
* Discovering one's mission statement
* Study goals in alignment with life skills of discipline and self awareness
* Notion of intelligence in relation to contemporary work market
Ayina Think Tank Foundation 2- Character and personality development
* Learning the words of wisdom
* In confidence (how the app generation navigates intimacy, disclosure and imagination)
* The power of introvert and extrovert
* Making a decision as teenager in highly media influenced society
* Non violent communication skills
* Principle centered life development
3- Educating the heart
* Social intelligence
* Emotional intelligence
* Undestanding the powers and perils of intuition
4- The use of social media
* The influence and impact of films and cartoon
* Understanding the importance and hazard of social media
5- Notion of creativity and innovation
6- The powers and perils of privilege
* Understanding the admission process of the world's elite colleges
* Choosing a suitable university in advance and work toward meeting the target
* History of Yale and America' ivy league universities
7- A notion of African history and lessons for the 21st century

Early childhood is the period in which our personality is formed, as well as our social skills, patterns of thinking, moral values, and the ability to cooperate with our fellow humans and our natural surroundings. Therefore, we should use this window of opportunity to apply pedagogical and educational programs that will suit the needs of a society in change, and the employment market of the 21st century. Empowering the individual while encouraging the interaction with his/her community and natural surroundings will equip the grown-ups of tomorrow with the ability to cope with challenges, while maintaining an approach which includes open dialogue and respect.

Ayina Think Tank Foundation

The Educational Model

Our educational model stresses curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and interpersonal dialogue, and strives to reinforce coping skills of pre-school children, with the aim to reinforce their ability to handle life in a constantly changing world. The learning process is carried out on three levels: the individual level (which includes the students and the teachers), the group level (same-age peers), and the surrounding level (parents, community, and urban setting). The Ayina Think Tank initiative encourages teenagers to develop diverse kinds of learning models, whether project-based, community-based or projects with interdisciplinary orientation. The model can stress architecture, astronomy, or any other field of knowledge, as long as it promotes dialogue, coping skills, or new ways of thinking, and encourages cooperation and interaction between the individual and his or her community and surrounding.

Family and Home Teaching

The facilitators of the trainings visit their assigned families’ at least once each month to teach and strengthen them. Home teachers establish a relationship of trust and oneness with these families by bringing them together for presentations, debate, storytelling, leadership trainings. The training section is as close and safe environment for both the families and the physical and virtual attendant of it to share their thoughts and experiences for improvement a) Holidays and family vacation for learning b) Family councils and leadership c) Public and private family mentor debates d) Storytelling and communication e) Evening talk for family oneness f) Family roles and responsibilities g) Golden principles and values of highly successful families.

Mentoring and Tutoring

Ayina Think Tank offers a mentoring and tutoring program that gives children/youth the guidance they need to make a difference in their lives by providing them with tools they need to overcome challenges they face in life. Ayina Think Tank Foundation

In our times, the world is moving too fast in all directions. Some theories that used to apply, for instance the famous “go to school, get good grades, get a good job in a good company” advise that our parents used to give us no longer apply. Our trainings therefore, provides the beneficiaries with an alternative thinking that enables them to see the world for what a competitive place it is, and adapt accordingly. The purpose of these courses is to expose the next generation to unconventional, maybe even disruptive ways of seeing the world and that promote innovation and creativity. One of the approaches used is the study tours that allow young people to gain real world experience and grow out of their comfort zone. We teach them to think for themselves and to use every opportunity they have so that they can shine and share with the world all the intrinsic worth that they have on offer. We help the participants to develop grit and raise their awareness to understand the borrowed time up on which they live under the care of the parents and also to not take for granted the privileges they have or to become so comfortable with a lifestyle of luxury that they did not yet know how to work hard and earn an honest day’s wage. Consider the values and principles of discipline, vision, passion and conscience related respectively to fairness, creativity, kindness and contribution in the life of the children and their relationships with the world around them. They deal with self-control, courage, the spirit of daring and bearing responsibility for self, for the nature around them, loyalty, dignity, and ethics.

We welcome teenagers and students from around the world during their school break/vacations for mentoring. Ayina Think Tank FoundationThey come out of their comfort zone to spend quiet and incredible learning time. Our facilitators and mentors help them to have a delightful time full of games, fun, selfdiscovery, visits, reading, and they return to their families with a grander vision fed by physical fitness, mental growth and development, heartfelt commitment, and spiritual greatness practices respectfully to their original faith and beliefs.

Leadership, Character and Personality Development Camp For Teenagers and Students.

We organize periodically with our partners in various countries camps for students during their vacation time, a wonderful learning and leisure time for their transformation. Today's young people, our children, Ayina Think Tank Foundationbelong to the most promising generation in the history of the world. They stand at the summit of the ages. They also stand at the crossroads of two great paths. One is the broader, well-traveled path that leads to mediocrity of mind and character, and to social decline. The other is a narrower, "less traveled" uphill path that we take them through. This is the one that will take them to limitless human possibilities and the hope of the world. Are not most parents' greatest concerns more immediate, such as, "what choices will my child make when he goes out the door and out of my sight, today? Are not most teachers more fixed on "what lesson plans do I need to have ready, today?" Than they are on "what future career will best fit each student in ten years?" Surely most young people are far more interested in "what's for lunch, today? " or " who will I hang out with after school, today?" than they are about what company will hire them out of college. Not only we teach skills and principles that are making an immediate impact on their behavior at home, at school and in the society but also how to make better choices for themselves, their family, their surrounding and the society in general.