How We Started

Ayina Think Tank is founded on the belief that young people should be given voice to express their opinions , opportunity to innovate, the chance to learn through mistakes and use their competences or talents together with the already available documented experiences to reinvent greater and positive future for our world.

In July 2009, the forty fourth President of the United States of America made a visit to Accra as his first trip to sub-Saharan Africa after taking office in the same year. His historical speech pointing to the simple premise that "Africa's future is up to Africans" resonated with so many people around the world including the future founder of Ayina Think Tank, Brother Damien Mouzoun who was then recovering from his painful exile to Ghana which he had started at the age sixteen as a result of his advocacy for quality education within his native nation Benin. During his later service as Advisor for "The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI)" from its beginning in 2010 to 2013, Mouzoun saw the need to build Africa's Global Research and Advocacy Laboratory of Servant Leadership, Progressivism and environment protection in the current Wisdom age as Humility symbol with Logo made out of fractional Triangle and Circle to develop informed, responsible, change makers around the sustainable development goals. Read More...

Our Mission & Vision Statements. The Fundamentals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable you to become another highly accomplished personality – in the direction of your dream – through giving you the unique opportunity to explore ideas that interest you, find people or mentors who inspire and challenge you, and make discoveries of your own personal passion, that will give you maximum job satisfaction, career advancement, and personal fulfillment in the 21st century.

Our Vision

Our vision is to drive our activities and accomplishments to the peak of excellence and to be established as an impeccable organization that will serve as a repository of unique opportunities for all mentees and potential mentees to accomplish the personalities of their dreams, explore ideas that interest them, and place them at the pinnacle of excellence in the 21st century.

Our Theme

The very key people in our programs, seminars and workshops are realtime influencers both reknown and potential having round table meetings to demystify major world challenges.

Our Code of Conduct

Ayina Think Tank Code of Ethical Conduct include the following:
i. Non-Discrimination
ii. Competence
iii. Integrity
iv. Confidentiality
v. Ethical Obligations for
Community and Society

Our Stats

Our Life Changing Programs Are Reaching Out To Hundreds of Thousands


Lives Impacted






Hours Utilized

Our Values

Very Few People Changed The World By Sitting On Their Couch

Think Tank

We create social and intellectual settings that force people to argue and become aware of their own biases. We provide a platform to introduce new ideas and provoke public debate on the critical issues of the day and in so doing expand the scope of the debate.

Intellectual Tourism

Our key task is to enhance the promotion of tourism, knowledge, traditions and national culture (tangible and intangible assets) in order to foster economic growth; increase the value added; increase productivity, competitiveness and innovation capacity, foster social development.

Pan-African Social-Enterprise of Mentoring

Our function for the mentee is broken into two:

a. The career- related function establishes the mentor as a coach who provides advice to enhance the mentee's professional performance and development.

b. The psychosocial function establishes the mentor as a role model and support system for the mentee.

The Spotlight

Ayina Think Tank News

President's Recommendation

The Three Books President Kagame Recommends For The Youth to Read Are All Available At The Ayina Think Tank.

  • Sep 2018

DÉBATS - Afrique

DÉBATS - Afrique: Droits de l'homme et de la femme en Afrique.

  • July 2016

DÉBATS - Afrique

DÉBATS - Afrique: L'intégration passe-t-elle vraiment par un passeport?

  • Aug 2016

Professional Teens and Family Couseling in Rwanda

At Ayina Think Tank, we start with the young generation that can be positively influenced and molded from the bottom up to become effective in their character and personality ethics.

  • April 2018

Damien Mouzoun, Umunya-Bénin wihaye intego yo guhindura urubyiruko rwa Afurika

Guhura na Damien Mouzoun n’ibintu bishimishije, biragutangaza kubona umusore ukiva mu bugimbi akikijwe n’ibitabo bifite ubutumwa bukomeye kandi na we ubwe afite intego yo guhindura urubyiruko mu buryo bwiza.

  • November 2016

ALU honouring Nelson Mandela Centennial

In January 2018, we launched the Mandela Centennial Scholarship Program in partnership with the Graca Machel Trust and Mandela Institute of Development Studies to provide 100 of our young Africans with full scholarships to ALU Rwanda.

  • Feb 2018

Image de l' AFRIQUE: Le Chantier de la Réforme de l' Union Africaine

Image de l' AFRIQUE: Le Chantier de la Réforme de l' Union Africaine

  • February 2018

Why ex-French colonies are joining the Commonwealth

Gabon and Togo have moved to strengthen their diplomatic armoury in a bid to ease their reliance on France. They have been admitted to what was originally founded as a club of former British colonies but has been steadily diversifying its composition. These two small francophone African nations are now the Commonwealth's 55th and 56th members. Rwanda joined in 2009 and Mozambique came into the group in 1995. None of these states had particular past historical ties to the UK....

  • 18 april 2022

Elder abuse: How much do we know?

Rwanda is one of the countries where respecting the elders is ethical. You would hardly find an old woman or man standing on the bus because younger people give out their seats to them...

  • June 2020

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"In the industrial age, leadership was a position. In the knowledge age, leadership is a choice." - Stephen R. Covey